Yarns - hand dyed or commercial 

Hi there,
these yarns are listed in Etsy but if you wish to purchase direct with me please 
email me direct and can send you a invoice for payment. I use Pay Pal for quotes/invoicing.

Debbie Bliss Rialto Luxury Sock Yarn merino nylon 100g $19.95/ball

Latitude 4 balls

New Orleans 2 balls

Jigsaw Bella Storia Merino Nylon 100g balls $14.00/ball
Wild berries 2 balls

waterlilies 1 ball

Autumn 2 balls

Waikiwi Prints NZ Merion Nylon possum 50g $16.90/ball
6 balls

Noro Kureyon 100% wool 50g $10.95/ball
col 374 2 balls

col 188 1 ball

col 40 1 ball

col 371 6 balls

Dreamtime Merino 8ply 50g $8.50/ball

Donkey 28 balls

Baby Merino 4ply 50g $7.95/ball

Beach glass 9 balls
buttermilk 9 balls

Patons patonyle Merino 4ply 50g $7.00/ball
Lilac 8 balls

lime green 8 balls

sand 6 balls

navy 9 balls
brick red 8 balls

light blue 9 balls

Ella Rae Lace Merino 100g $25.00 per ball

Dark Purple 7
Chocolate 8 balls

Panda Soft Cotton Chunky 55%Acrylic 45%Cotton 100g 70m $5.50each
Lilac 3 balls

2 balls
2 balls

Heirloom Dazzle 100%Acrylic 100m 8ply $4.60 each
Porcelain 8 balls

Erika Knight Studio Linen 85% Viscose 15%Linen 50g 120m $18each
Velvet 10 balls
mood 10 balls
fatigue 10 balls

pigment 10 balls

pygama 10 balls

Neo 10 balls

Heirloom Cotton 8ply 120m 50g $5.80 each
Ruby 5 balls

Jaffa 10 balls

Heirloom Cotton 4ply 165m 50g $5.80 each
Ruby 10 balls

Patons Regal 4ply 50g 165m $6.80 each

black 8 balls
scarlet 10 balls
marine print 9 balls
grey 6 balls
white 10 balls
marine 3 balls
natural prints 10 balls
spring green 7 balls
granny square cushion covers my pattern

Patons Cotton Blend 8ply 50g 95m $5.50each
white 8 balls
natural 4 balls
cream 8 balls
aqua 10 balls
denim 8 balls
lunar rock 10 balls

pineapple 3 balls

flamingo 8 balls

fresh green 7 balls
black 9 balls

bright red 4
brown 6 balls

orchid 5 balls

persian green 6 balls

french blue 6 balls

wild rose 8 balls

yellow 8 balls

deep water 10 balls

Horse cushion by little doolally

Scandinavian Santa by Idogwoof

Bella Storia Venice 55%Fine Merino Wool/45% Cashmere 4ply/fingering $17.00/ball
6 balls

6 balls

7 balls
7 balls
Swaye Shawl by Deanne Ramsey

3 Pips Wrap by Amy Meeks

Heirloom Mystic 100% Superfine Merino 8ply/DK $8.50/ball
50 gram balls / 100m
10 Balls
5 Balls

10 Balls
15 Balls
                       I have made several garments with this yarn :
Libby Jonson Toetoe
Jessica Gore thebarton shawl

Bambini 4 - 4ply/fingering 50g $8.95/ball
with this yarn yarn I made the Featherweight Cardigan
Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig