craft past

Crocheted many years ago in size 10 thread. Jenette has displayed this with her lovely lamp.

I made this a long time ago using the granny squares from Mums  vest that i made in my teens. The centre squares would be OH say 35 years old and the rug was made about 20 years ago. It was the first rug I made Jenette and Nigel.

This rug was made from a New Zealand mohair yarn that i had in my stash. I still love the colour. Must make one for myself. This i made when i started going out with Rod. I remember one road trip driving back on a foggy night i had this over my knee keeping me warm. Jenette uses this now. Hopefully not for the cat. It is one large granny square. with a picot edging. it is about 9 years old.
Now this rug I gave to Jenette and Nigel for a Christmas present 3 years ago now. It is made up of left over yarns in my stash. Plus a jumper of Mums that i pulled apart that i made from alpaca yarn. ALL wool some 8 ply some 5 ply. It is large enough for a queen bed. I originally made this for us but Rod didn't like it. Lucky that Jenette and Nigel love this rug as they use it all the time. And i washes well too. This herringbone stitch and i chained 300 - 4mm hook and i think it was a 6 or 8 stitch repeat. Must look that up as i think i will make one for us in different cream yarns..... Nest winter.
 As you can see from 4 samples of my work they do get used and do last a long time. Now is the time to get going again. I actually did start to knit a jacket for my self last winter but that is in the trunk and i did start and nearly finished a crochet vest in a light denim blue cotton/bamboo yarn....but i am now at the gym and actually concentrating on my weight and health so i hope to lose some weight. Thus clothing items are now on hold. I can make rugs, cushion covers, hats, scarves, art etc etc... instead.