Stumped Saturday

Well here it is Saturday the 28th February and i am definitely confounded by several things.

1. Why is my rhubarb it because we have had too much rain here in Queensland?
or doesn't it like being in a pot?
or should it be planted in the ground?
the instructions said full sun!

2. Why are the first 3 passion fruit dark green when all of the new ones are now yellowing to their gold colour?
3. something is eating my tomato plant and not eating the self sewn basil...i even dust it with the proper tomato dust!

 and now for the final conumdrum.
4. do i back the crochet squares with fabric?
red or calico?
or do i 
cover the cushions with calico which brightens the squares
or do i 
cover the cushions in red fabric and then have front and back crochet squares
or do i
finish off the 3rd square and make the reverse colourways
(as i am tempted to make some for my etsy shop)
or do i
 leave it for another day when i can make my mind up!

Incidentally we were (my gm and i were on a shopping date and he bought me some lovely Dior perfume) at Robina the other day and i walked past bed bath and table and wheel and barrow and low and behold they had these colours in there windows being promoted as this seasons new beachy look. Who would have thought that these yarn colours i have had stashed away in the cupboard for 2 years is in fashion now.