First pair of Socks Completed. YAY!!!!

and here they are: I used Heirloom Jigsaw colour 38, 4ply sock yarn. Pattern 242 , mock cable rib.

I adjusted the length for me to fit my heel spur, so they are 2cm longer.

Now all i have to do is the 2nd pair of socks which i started 3 years ago and just put them off because i got stuck at the length etc. That is why the 1st pair completed socks were constructed so i could pick up from where i left off. So now i am in love with sock knitting!

I have a new project to start with a new cast on technique i have not used before but i cant reveal what this is to be as it is a mothers day present....and no its not socks.

so i am including some gratuitous Bronte and Oska pics.

Until next week....

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