Happy Birthday Liz.

Its been a cold and wet and chilly Queens birthday weekend and I am now contemplating a new knitting project and a new book to read after having read Robert Harris "Pompeii". Both El Pres and I have been listening to Mike Duncan's podcast of the "History of Rome" and have come to the realisation that history really does repeat! I remember a quote that I learnt from high school and I think it goes something like this : " the thing about history is that we dont learn from history" or something like that.

The black silk tweed cardy is now finished and is now being worn as I am typing this. The next question is what to make next, even though I have started a granny square rug, as the Knitty Managers knit group wanted to know how to go about making them.

So I think a cream cardy is on the way. Adapting a Jo Sharp pattern for wool that is not Jo Sharp's. Its some lovely Merino wool from AslanTrends, Del Cerro. So I know I wont get the exact finish but Jo does have some lovely designs.

Oh oh El Pres is asking for something so I must go.


  1. Hello Ms Got2Knit
    Ta for biffday wishes.
    Looking forward to seeing that cardie.


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