Back Again for 2012

Hi all, yes its been one of those years again. But I still managed to get some crochet and knitting in. I have nearly completed a crochet rug - only the edging to go.
A knitted short sleeved jacket is to be finished by adding the sleeves and sewing up the sides.

I have made 2 table doilies - 1 in black for my sister and I have the green one for myself.

Plus I also crocheted a beaded  handbag.

What to do next - do I make something to wear or something for the bed, or cushions or bags or socks - I think it will be one of these as its a bit too hot and humid here to have something heavy on my lap. (Plus I am trying to lose weight so I want to reward myself by making something smaller for winter!) Hmmmmmm...........