Coat Hangers April 2013

coat hangers botttom with shell edging top with point edging

Coat hanger with block edging

I needed mor coat hangers after going through my stored winter clothing, of which I might add is fewer than last year as they are all too big for me.

So after laundering the musty out of them, I ran out of hangers and found that I had 5 wooden ones that you can cover.

So with Sullivans Coton-a 5 ply crochet yarn and 5 mm hook in hand I whipped 2 up on the weekend and completed my third one today. 

I am in the process of writing up the pattern for these if any one is interested, as I still have 2 more hangers to cover and to make different edges for them.

They dont take long to make which was just as well as we had a very busy weekend with the National titles for The Surf Clubs Carnival.

Now as for the weight loss, I went to the gym today and my trainer Malani even commented that she could see that I am changing shape. Malani also doesnt believe in scales like me - let your clothes tell you that you are losing the weight.