Monday 18th May

Petey social distancing outside my hairdresser while we wait to be attended to May 13th

Hope this is a start for a new trend for me and that is to post at least once a week or fortnightly. I wont make any promises that i cant keep. Life just gets busy around me even in Covid-19 lockdown.

What have i been doing since i last posted well lets see....

  • knitted 3 pairs of baby socks
  • worked a lot more on the secret test knit which i cant show you
  • chosen yarn for my next baby project
  • updated ravelry with most of my books and magazines
  • pfaffed alot on my Galaxy tablet as i am worried that my Ipad mini3 which is 9 years old now may not be updated any longer so i now have a back up tablet. I normally like to use a tablet and not print out patterns.
  • been baking breads
  • making marmalade and paleo tomato sauce
  • having the house painted
  • zooming my 2sipknitncrochet group
  • medical stuff
  • dog training stuff
  • house painting stuff
  • trying to get my Blogger set up correctly for my shop 
  • and so the list go's on
So now, once again, i have decided i need to restructure my days into getting things done.
How long will this good intentions thing will last ...i dont know.

Phew thats out of the way. Lets talk about the knitting.

Perfect Newborn Socks by Tabitha Gandee
Ribbed Perfect Newborn
I just loved knitting this pattern. The yarn I used for these 2 is the Patons Patonyle Merino 4ply yarn in colours 1003 Sand Cabled Sock(photo to come)  and 1032 Lilac (now discontinued). 80% Merino 20%Nylon

The 3rd pair is using the Baby Socks by Kate Atherley

The yarn used is Naturally Yarns Waikiwi Prints shade 480 (discontinued) 55% NZ merino 20%nylon 15%alpaca 10%possum.

The second pair of Baby Socks i will adapt the pattern and do a stardard rib sock with stocking stitch leg. The yarn will be the Patons Patonyle Merino 4ply in shade 1033
The needles i used are the Addi Crasy Trio in 2.25mm. I am converted. I just love using these needles.
available in metal and bamboo

I have been cooking up a storm just like so many other people but this can be the normal for me as I work from home.
Homemade bread, paleo tomato sauce, choc chip buscuits, butter apple
My thermomix tm31 has been a very handy machine. Even Rod made his 1st loaf of bread the other day. Not perfect but still nice and light.

I have been busy recycling cushions. Even joined EweSewEwe's #recycmal and I won a prize for Petey's cushion.

2 large cushions i had joined wasn't big enough

so i found some cotton fabric and remade and adapted to fit a single bed quilt which was also cut down

and here is Petey.. enjoying his new mat.

Its now lunch time and I have to go and get that and hang out the next load of washing. 

Cheers Carolyn.

Clancy October 2000 to May 5th 2020 Tenterfield Terrior