Monday 15th June 2020

Petey the Cutey wanting a cuddle

Ok, I've done it again. Very late in writing this blog. 
Hey just look at it like this I will resync to Monday again.
and now I have! 
I did start this blog last Thursday but the days have escaped me again!
What has happened has been a lot of computer searching, planning etc that i will annouce the end result in a couple of weeks.


Well not much has happened this week as i have been only working on the 
but there has been some yarn chosen for the next Mystery Kal by Helen Stewart
called the Stillness Kal
L to R: After Hours Summer Splash , Fibre Lily Hush and Miss Click Clack Bouganvillea


I have only been able to do a little bit of sewing due to the computer searching stuff.
I managed another bag to list for the shop and i have also made a gift bag to house the premmie hats and girl Octopus.

I had crocheted this flower sometime agao and thought that it will look great on a bag and i had some Japanese lawn fabric left over from a dress which sadly is no longer in wardrobe.
Made a lined sack and added some remant rbbon and I am chuffed how good this looks.
So i will be making more to add to more store.


There has not been much in the way of fancy cooking to date but for my knitting and crochet group I had whipped up the following:

Rock Cakes Thermomix recipe 6th June

Brownies recipe From Stephanie Alexander 13th June

And just for the fun of it Penny one of my knitting crochet ladies came dressed up as Scarlet Ohara
from Gone With the Wind on Saturday 6th June.

unitl next week

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