Getting a WIP on...


show notes for Getting a WIP on:

Aileas by Isabell Kraemer. Yarn Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid lustre, poppy

Boxet Bags, Cal Patch. Making no5 Colour.
Yarn various stash scraps
Habiation throw, Helen Stewart.
Yarn Cicustonic Handmade (now reopened)
2019 Advent
Lovelace Shawl by Jessica Gore
Yarn Gynx Yarn (shop is now closed)

Stillness Shawl by Helen Stewart. Yarns by Miss Click Clack, Bougenvillia. Fibre Lily, Hush and Patonyle, sand.
Elton by Joji Locateli (not started yet)
Yarn by Carola Otherworldly Yarns
and Cleckheaton Alpaca Royal Lace (now discontinued)

Recorded last September, just before putting the house on the market with a larger real estate agent.

A lot has changed since our move to South Australia, including the passing away of my Mum.

Stayed tuned for a more recent recordings.

Thank you for watching.